How We Encourage Self-Care


The phrase ‘self-care’ has become quite the buzzword in 2020, and unsurprisingly search engines like Google saw a big spike in searches for the term in May of this year. But at Fox & Rae, we believe self-care is here to stay, and actually, our business was built on the following principles, all with self-care at the heart:

– Self-care is not selfish, it is essential for wellbeing. We believe taking time out to look after yourself should not be considered a luxury.

– Visiting Fox & Rae is an experience, not just an appointment. It is time for you whether your treatment is hair removal or a back massage.

– Beauty and skincare are as much about how you feel on the inside, as how you feel on the outside, if not more.

And when we talk of ‘wellbeing’ we mean the many dimensions that contribute towards wellbeing, including the obvious physical dimension, but also emotional and social connection.

So, in addition to our core values, we take pride in our close relationships with our clients and endeavor to support our customers’ wellbeing as much as possible. We aim for every person who visits the salon or is part of our community on social media, to feel like they are interacting with a trusted old friend, and we place the utmost importance on confidentiality. As the business founder, I maintain that an integral part of the Fox & Rae experience for our clients is the ‘chin wag’! Whether that be to share good news, talk about your day, to confide in us, or for a good old fashioned rant, we have an open-door policy and strict confidentially. Despite lockdown meaning we’ve been closed for most of this year, we are there for our clients and want to be even more so during this stressful time.

Put simply, we believe that Fox & Rae is more than a skincare and beauty clinic to our clients. We feel we make a difference in people’s lives, promoting good mental and physical health and wellbeing, and tapping into the many dimensions of wellbeing, including not just the obvious physical, but the emotional and social dimensions too.

And our mission is to share this ethos with as many clients as possible and leave them feeling balanced and good about themselves, even when our doors aren’t open due to the pandemic, our other forms of communication are and we encourage our clients to get in touch to check in.

Please take care of yourselves.

Love Lucie x

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