Why I Started My Own Beauty and Skincare Business

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Many moons ago whilst at school, I decided I wanted to work in the beauty industry. Beauty was my personal passion and something I was naturally good at. I was was particularly obsessed with skincare and skin types and loved learning about how to look after one’s skin from inside and out.

So, I trained in beauty as soon as I left school, however, I didn’t properly use my beauty to earn a living until a few year’s later, rather preferring to advise my friends and family, experiment on my own skin, and indulge my passion for skincare as a hobby.

It was when I became very fascinated by the science of skincare that I knew I wanted to make a career out of it, so I trained further in scientifically proven skin care products and methods, and studied the many combinations of skin types there are, and they are endless types as every individual is just that, individual!

After working in a salon, gaining valuable experience, meeting people with different skin and beauty concerns, seeing my clients’ skin improve, and their glow return thanks to all that I’d learned, I was hooked. It was so motivating to see people’s progress, seeing their self-esteem and mental wellbeing strengthen as their appearance changed. I realised that beauty and skincare, traditionally thought of as simply vanity and focused on aesthetics, was as much about how my clients felt on the inside as how they felt on the outside. And so it became my mission to start Fox & Rae Beauty and Skin Clinic, to share this ethos with more people and position beauty and skincare as essential selfcare.

And so Fox & Rae was born, and since launch just over a year ago, my wonderful team and I have been supporting our client’s wellbeing through our positivity and our ‘open inbox’ policy, ready to chat, advise and help, as well as carrying out the treatments we offer (when COVID didn’t get in the way).

Fox & Rae has been built on the following principles:

– Selfcare is not selfish, it is essential for wellbeing. We believe taking time out to look after yourself should not be considered a luxury.

– Visiting Fox & Rae is an experience, not just an appointment. It is time for you whether your treatment is hair removal or a back massage.

– Beauty and skincare are as much about how you feel on the inside, as how you feel on the outside, if not more.

And our mission is to share this ethos with as many clients as possible and leave them feeling balanced and good about themselves.

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